About Antiochia


You are probably wondering how we got about the name of our fashion label "ANTIOCHIA" arrived. The home of our family and the origin of the Christian faith lies in this ancient city steeped in history. For us it's not just any city, it's much more! Every time we visit ANTIOCHIA, we have been able to experience the importance of cosmopolitanism and charity over and over again. We would like to give these values and more to you and the world.

Antiochia was a city in ancient Syria. At the time of the Roman Empire, it was next to the Egyptian Alexandria and Constantinople (today Istanbul) one of the largest and most important cities in the eastern Mediterranean. She was once called "Queen of the Orient" because of her beauty. In the year 526 AD, however, a heavy one shook Earthquake the city and claimed at least 250,000 lives. Almost all buildings were destroyed in the process.

Today the city is called Antakya and is located in the Turkish province of Hatay. Due to the historical development, Arabic is spoken in addition to Turkish to this day.

Did you know?
In Antiochia there was the first lighted street in the world.


A look at the beginnings of Christianity gives an idea of the great importance of the city. The Church of Saint Peter, which can be found a bit outside on a mountain slope, was declared by the Vatican to be the oldest church in Christianity and, according to legend, was inaugurated by the apostle Peter.

According to the biblical tradition, the first Christian community gathered here around the apostles Paul, Barnabas and Peter.

"In Antiochia the disciples were first called Christians." Acts 11:26

Starting from Antioch, the message of Jesus was carried into the world by the apostles.


Hatay Province is now known in Turkish as "Medeniyetler şehri" designated. Translated into english this means: "The City of Civilization". This is due to the fact that people from the three major world religions of the Christianity, Judaism and Islam peaceful and harmonious live together.

Why a trip to the city is worthwhile:

- Visit the oldest church in the world, where the first Christians once gathered

- Multi-faceted cuisine, such as various kinds of starters and the famous Künefe sweet dish

- EXPO 2021 - Motto: The world as a guest in the cradle of civilization

- Hilton Museum Hotel - Modern architecture meets ancient ruins and mosaics